Our Core Values


We believe that the Bible is the flawless and inspired Word of God. It is where we draw all truth from and it is the foundation of our faith. This is why we emphasize the expository teaching of the entire Bible, verse-by-verse, from cover to cover. As believers grow in the Word, they will learn more about Who God is, what He wants, and how to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and working today as He always has. It is through the power of the Spirit that each believer can be individually empowered to complete the calling that God has given them. We believe that the Spirit of God will always seek to glorify Jesus and His Word. Without Him, we will not succeed. ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts. (Zech 4:6)


If the Bible were the cannon, prayer would be our cannonball. It is powerful and supernatural.

Prayer is how we, as believers, communicate with God, give Him thanks and praise, as well as ask for His power to work in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Verse-By-Verse Teaching

The Bible tells us that "the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit." Among many more promises, we know that the reading, teaching, and understanding of the Word of God is extremely important for the health of a believer. This is why we faithfully teach verse by verse through the Word of God. Week by week we move through the Word, teaching, explaining, and growing in our faith. Through the prayerful and Spirit lead teaching of God's Word, we believe that believers will grow closer to God and mature in their faith

Sunday Night Bible Study

 While on Sunday mornings we focus on a smaller section of Scripture, on Sunday nights we cover multiple chapters of the Bible at a time. After going verse by verse through our section for the night we take some time to seek the Lord and respond to Him. We spend this time in prayer, worship, and seeking the moving of the Holy Spirit.
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Chapter by chapter, verse by verse, through the Bible. Every week we record our messages so you can catch what you missed, or go back and join in an old study. Check out our previous verse by verse teachings through Roamns, Mark, Acts, Revelation, and more.

Learn About Grandview Christian Church

The Grandview Christian Church has been serving Grandview and the Lower Valley for over 70 years. During that time the Lord has brought many families through our doors. In 2016 our current pastor, Joe Edwards-Hoff, began to lead and teach at the church. Since then we have been continuing to move forward in our calling to bring sound biblical teaching to the Lower Valley and to create a place where believers and grow together in their walks with Jesus.


Find out when and where we meet throughout the week. We have additional services for men, women, and youth.


Want to know the Bible better? Being a Bible teaching church, we teach verse-by-verse thru the whole Bible. Check out our past messages to see what you've missed.

Plan A Visit

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Do you have a prayer request? Send us a message and we can have our leadership prayer for you or add your prayers to our church prayer chain.